Quantitative Researcher - Machine Learning
Location:Philadelphia Area


We are looking for a Statistical Machine Learning expert to join our Quantitative Research team. At SIG, our Quantitative Researchers identify and capitalize on trading opportunities. As a ML member of our quant team, you will collaborate closely with other researchers, engineers, and traders.


In this role you will apply your ML knowledge to the research, testing, deployment, improvement, and monitoring of SIG’s proprietary trading systems across multiple markets and products. You will help create models that work with real-time data in a high frequency trading environment. Your work will impact all aspects of the trade pipeline from raw market data to intra-day streaming data analysis.


You will use your experience in machine learning and statistical techniques to find solutions to the real world financial and mathematical puzzles SIG strives to solve. This work will be challenging, fast-paced, and competitive. Your knowledge of signal processing, neural nets, and SNLP will benefit many of the trading desks at SIG.

What we're looking for
  • PhD or equivalent academic degree in Statistics, Applied Mathematics Computer Science/Machine Learning, or other highly quantitative field
  • Strong practical computing skills in Python or C++
  • Experience in the application of statistical machine learning, data mining, Bayesian inference, and/or MCMC

Job Location

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